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How decorative details ramp up window displays

How decorative details ramp up window displays

When it comes to holidays, sometimes it seems like the details are more important than the big items. Whether it’s a perfect little stocking stuffer or the addition of a stellar bow to the top of a gift, something extra can be the difference between bland and amazing.

This holds true when you’re arranging window displays for the holiday season. Your customers are going to be in a detail-oriented mindset as they stroll past your store and decide to enter or keep walking. As a result, you should craft your current store displays to include cute and festive details.

Presents galore
November and December are the key months for holiday shopping, which means gift-giving season. Shoppers are more likely to be browsing your merchandise to find a present for their loved ones than perusing for something they want themselves. To show people walking by that you have plenty of gift-worthy products inside, arrange a window display full of presents.

One way to showcase items in your store’s window while creating a present theme is to use wrapped boxes as shelves. Use the holiday gift wrap kit to dress up a handful of empty boxes. Fasten these boxes to the wall behind your window, with the bows facing out. Once the makeshift shelves are secure, place a selection of your best merchandise on top of each box.

Winter wonderland
If you don’t want to make a holiday-specific scene, you may be interested in assembling a mini winter wonderland. Make the main color scheme revolve around white, from hanging paper decorations to your light-colored clothes and accessories. Arrange the paper decorations at different heights for a more visually enticing display. Consider using a different color, like silver or dark blue, in the background so your decorations really pop.

You can add props like a sled, festive garland or a pair of snow shoes to the display for even more detail. A strand of lights, whether you go with white, colored or twinkling bulbs, would also look fantastic in a winter wonderland display. And for the cherry on top, you may even want to include the phrase “walking in a winter wonderland” somewhere in the window. This can be done with window paint, handmade posters or professionally designed signs. If one of your employees has beautiful handwriting, you can likely craft this addition in-house.