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How can scent evoke feelings?

How can scent evoke feelings?

Though people’s sense of smell isn’t the fastest perception they have, noticing a scent still has the ability to stir up all kinds of emotions and feelings. Instead of focusing on only the visuals of your store displays, don’t forget to dabble in other areas that can create a more well-rounded experience for shoppers. Adding some aspects of smell and sound to your spring themes has the potential to evoke strong sensations that may work to your benefit.

If you’re trying to harness the seasonal spirit from outside, not only will decorated display tables help, but floral scents could elicit the same excitement shoppers feel stepping outside into a blooming world after a long winter.

It’s all in the brain
The reason people’s sense of smell can stimulate such strong feelings is all in the way their brains are wired. Unlike the sights and sounds identified by people’s ears and eyes, the smells taken in by noses don’t have to be interpreted by the brain to make sense, reported The New York Times. Scents move along direct paths to the brain where they can be processed immediately.

The cortex of the brain that handles smell is situated right next to the system where emotions are made and kept, producing a unique link between smelling and past experiences. It’s because of this that scientists believe this sense has the power to rouse certain feelings regarding specific smells, according to Live Science.

The pleasant spring aromas outside bring good feelings for many people, as they associate the scents with everything summer entails for them. All of the fun outdoor excursions and past vacations can instantly flood into a person’s mind with nothing but a simple fragrance.

Making customers’ brains work for you
By placing scent cubes around your storefront, you can take advantage of the memories and joy each and every shopper has within them. Not only will these sensations put them in a better mood, but it may rekindle interest in the outside trips of bygone days and spur a desire for new outfits to relive old adventures.

During a season where no one wants to be anywhere but outside on a nice day, make it easy for your shoppers by extending some of the qualities they can find outdoors inside your shop. Some fresh air and a hint of springtime perfume can go a long way in the minds of your patrons.