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How businesses get the most out of Cyber Monday

How businesses get the most out of Cyber Monday

We recently brought you an article about celebrating Christmas in July to help boost sales over the dog days of summer. Your customers will be thrilled if you offer promotions this time of year, as they probably haven’t seen significant discounts since the holiday season. One way to encourage shoppers to take part in your Christmas in July celebrations is to hold a “Summer Cyber Monday” sale, but doing so will only be successful if you go about it in a smart way. Here are some tips:

Social media is your best friend
When it comes to online sales, there’s no better way to attract attention than through social media. If you plan on hosting a summer Cyber Monday event, you must get the word out on mediums like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. One way to do this, according to, is to offer extra savings to people who “like” or follow your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This is a great way to get new fans, but don’t alienate your current supporters. Be sure that you provide promotions for individuals who are already keeping up with you on the Web.

The website also suggests using your online sales to promote in-store deals. For example, you may offer a certain percentage off sandals online, but provide different shoe discounts for the footwear lining your gondola shelves indoors. Photo-based programs like Instagram or Pinterest can help you bring customers in the door as well. Take a few pictures of your clothing racks and promotional posters and put them up online.

Make your store friendly
In order for this unique promotional approach to work, you must make sure your store is a welcoming space – both online and offline. Now is the time to ask your web designer to pay your site a visit to make sure it’s up to date and working properly. Marketing expert Pam Moore says this is also prime time to optimize your site for mobile shopping, as customers may want to browse your wares on their phones or tablets.

If you sell items online, you can offer special shipping discounts. Shoppers will love having their items arrive wrapped up in tissue paper with wholesale ribbon, and if they can get a marked-down shipping price, they’ll be simply overjoyed.