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How brick-and-mortar retailers can take advantage of Cyber Monday

How brick-and-mortar retailers can take advantage of Cyber Monday

Retailers know how important Black Friday is, but Cyber Monday, which comes just three days later, is proving to be quite the successful shopping holiday as well. If you rely on in-store sales as your primary source of income, you may think that you'll have to sit out the Monday after Thanksgiving. But even if you aren't the most tech-savvy merchant, you can take advantage of this up and coming retail event. Here's how.

1. Revamp your online space
Even if you don't offer an online marketplace for your wares, it's likely that the increased online traffic in the days leading up to Cyber Monday will translate to an uptick in your web-based visitors. For that reason, now is the time to do a little tidying-up in your online space. If you have the capabilities, you should revamp your store's website so that it looks new, crisp and interesting to online visitors.

If not, then you should try to put up at least a banner or notice on your website telling shoppers that you'll be up and running on Cyber Monday, and alerting them to any sales or special deals you have going on in-store.

2. Go online to promote in-store
Even if you don't have a website for your store, you can use social media to your advantage to draw in customers. Take a few pictures of your jewelry displays, adult and child mannequins or gondola shelving, and tweet them, post them to Facebook or find another way to showcase them online. Make sure with each photo you add a tag that says something along the lines of, "These items will be on sale in our store on Cyber Monday! Come and get 'em!"

If you're not a fan of social media, you can simply use store signs in your windows to let shoppers know you'll be open for business and offering great deals the Monday after Turkey Day.

3. Promote what others can't
One of the ways you can beat out Cyber Monday retailers is by offering things in your store that you know people won't be able to get online. For instance, food retailers should promote some of their goods that won't keep long enough to be shipped through the mail. Remember that many people don't like to pay extra for shipping of large items, so showcasing some big products in your display cases is a good idea.