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How 4-way racks can help improve a store

How 4-way racks can help improve a store

It’s no secret that garment racks can go a long way toward making store displays more flexible and easier to navigate. In fact, they are one of the simplest and most efficient ways to improve the practicality and look of a boutique.

Work in any setting
Whether you are trying to create a retail space that is sleek and modern or quirky and unique, you can use a four-way rack. The basic design of the rack lends itself to any type of store and makes it easy to add certain accessories to design details to personalize the look.

Adjustable arms mean you can easily change the height of each, customizing it to fit shirts, pants, jackets, children’s clothing or any other products. A four-way rack is also quite durable, so you can be sure you are investing in something you will be able to use for seasons and years to come.

How to decorate the racks
Part of the beauty of a four-way rack is that it can be used in a variety of different ways depending on what works best in a given space. For example, if you are restricted to a cramped area, load up each arm with products to house as much merchandise on the floor as possible. In instances where there is more room to work with, spacing the clothing out and incorporating accessories or hanging forms might be a good option.

If you want to add some special touches to your design, consider placing a hanging form on one of the arms. These tools may be ideal to show off just how a certain ensemble hangs on the body, and it allows the shopper to see the colors or styles included on the garment rack.