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Host a fundraising event in your store

Host a fundraising event in your store

Whether there’s a particular cause that’s near and dear to your heart, or a local family in need, your store can help make a difference by arranging a charity event.

Follow these steps to host a fabulous fundraiser in your store.

Plan with precision
Before you can host a fundraising event, you need to determine where the money will go if you don’t already have a clear recipient. You might not be as focused on the actual dollar amount raised as bringing awareness to a cause or building a network of supporters. If you’re trying to collect money, consider a reasonable goal to reach for. For gatherings with alternative objectives, brainstorm how you can measure the event’s success.

It’s important to consider your budget for this event before you get too far into the planning process. Think about how many people can and will come, if there will be food or drinks, and how you can rearrange your store fixtures to make the space work. Make calls and get quotes so you know that your estimated budget is relatively accurate, and be sure to leave a little financial padding in case you need to make any last-minute purchases.

Spread the word
Some of your main options for marketing the event are through your online presence, word-of-mouth or print advertisements.

Social media is an easy way to reach a lot of people without spending money. Make a Facebook event, then tweet the link out as well. You can also post teaser photos on Instagram as you prepare for the event. If you’re located in a small, tight-knit community, word-of-mouth may be your best marketing option. One way to do so is through a partnership with another local business. Additionally, as customers drop by in the weeks leading up to the fundraiser, be sure your staff mentions the upcoming gathering. You can combine this tactic with the third idea – print advertisements. Have information about the party and the cause it’s being held for on one of the display tables near your checkout area, or hand each shopper a small flier when they enter or leave the store.

When you’re setting the schedule, be sure there aren’t any other local events planned for that night. You don’t want there to be any competition for attendees, especially if you’re hosting an event like this for the first time.

Don’t forget to thank everyone involved for their participation at the end of the event. From staff and volunteers to vendors and attendees, each person should be reminded that their effort was appreciated.