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Holiday displays: Repurposing seasonal themes

Holiday displays: Repurposing seasonal themes

Retailers put no lack of effort into making their shops shine during the holiday season. Window and storefront displays enticed passersby and creatively showed off merchandise, while interiors were similarly ornate with decorations that spread Christmas cheer. Because you spent all of this time and energy creating a top-notch shopping experience for patrons, you might be sad to see it all come down only days into the new year. You’re in luck: Seasonal displays don’t have to be completely dismantled. Instead, there are little alterations you can make to stretch out your efforts long after the holiday season. Try these tips and tricks to transform Christmas and New Year’s displays into effects that give a longer lifespan to your hard work:

Winter wonderland
Did you decorate your front window with typical Christmas colors and accents? Although it might be time to take down the tree, you can repurpose many of the other accessories. For instance, if you went for a winter wonderland effect, the snow and acrylic cubes can stay right where they are. Trade out the tree for something more neutral, such as a snowman or snowflakes. If you want to go in a completely different direction, remove the “snow” entirely and just stack the acrylic blocks in a unique pattern. For additional emphasis, line the blocks with colorful paper or illuminate them with lights.

New Year’s shine
You may have gone all-out with the shimmering details to accentuate New Year’s sales. Such eye-catching details might be overdoing it during the regular winter months, but can still be interspersed throughout your space to emphasize specific items. Do you have new merchandise you particularly want customers to notice or some especially tempting sale prices? Draw attention to their locations with fun lighting structures such as strand lights or glittering garlands. You can also get creative decorating with wholesale ribbon and tulle in a variety of shades that aren’t limited to red, green and gold.

It’s a wrap
There are, of course, certain pieces you’ll want to save in storage for another season. You can keep neutral packaging items like bags and boxes out for year-round use, but holiday-specific wrapping paper and accessories are best held onto for next Christmas. Be sure to store seasonal supplies somewhere easy to find, as it will be several months before you need to locate them again, and label the box clearly with its contents.