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Holding an Easter egg hunt in your store

Holding an Easter egg hunt in your store

Children’s clothing stores can be a fun environment for parents, but you want to keep your little customers engaged too. Many families head to the mall this time of year to visit the Easter Bunny, and you can bring the spirit of the holiday into your store by holding your own Easter egg hunt.

Within the shelves with wire hangers, hide your eggs where your smallest clientele can find them. Be sure to have a store sign in the entrance telling the parents what’s going on. You may also want to consider marketing this event ahead of time, listing the kinds of candies and other incentives you’ll be providing.

Instead of candy, there are also a lot of different items you can choose to hide in the eggs. For example, you can print off different coupons that provide discounts, free items or money off a future purchase. Perhaps you could even hide a golden egg in the store that includes a grand prize, such as an item of the customer’s choice or a gift card with a large sum.

To keep in the holiday spirit, you may want to buy some mannequins for sale and dress them in your best Easter attire. This can include poofy dresses in pastel colors for girls, and suits and cream-color sweaters for boys. Top off these mannequins with bunny ears for a little extra fun.

The possibilities are endless for the Easter egg hunt, and it’s great to see the children get excited as they search your store.