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Hold lucky contests for St. Patrick’s Day

Hold lucky contests for St. Patrick’s Day

With St. Patrick's Day falling on Sunday, some store owners may be wondering what they can do to get in the spirit. People might still be shopping for green wares and foods associated with Irish culture, but any kind of retail establishment can get in on the fun.

Store owners may want to consider having a "luck of the Irish" contest in the spirit of the holiday. On a display table at the front of the store, managers can set up signs for the contest. If you have specific giveaway items in mind, place them on the front display table. This is a great way to bring people into the store who may have just been passing by. Consider making the winning items gold themed, so you can incorporate the idea of winning a pot of gold into the contest.

Try to think of something creative like giving the 100th customer in the store that day a free item of his or her choice that's under $20. You can also give away small items that cost less than $5 to more people, and this is a great way to increase sales.

You might even want to consider offering a free add-on for people who spend a certain amount. In keeping with the luck theme, consider making the cutoff $77. For each person who spends that amount – or anything over – they'll receive a free item of your choosing.

To get in extra spirit, put green top hats on any of the mannequins in your store as if they were leprechauns. This is a great way not only to celebrate the holiday, but move some items off your shelves.