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Hiring millennials to work in your store

Hiring millennials to work in your store

Many members of the millennial generation are now in their mid-teenage years, which means they'll be looking for their first jobs. Undoubtedly, retailers will begin to see applications from this demographic in the near future if they haven't already. There are many rumors you'll hear about the millennial work ethic, but the truth is, the generation brings some unique characteristics to the table. Let's take a look at why you may want to hire millennials to manage your cash register and organize your display tables:

They want to be involved
You may have heard that millennials expect too much involvement for entry-level jobs, but smart shop owners will figure out how to harness their enthusiasm to better sales. Young workers will have a lot to say and won't hesitate to voice their opinion to their supervisors. The trick is sorting through their opinions to find concepts that could freshen up your store. Certainly millennials will still have a lot to learn, but just because they're young and new to the working world doesn't mean they won't have some bright ideas.

They are fashionistas
Young people are always the compasses for new fashion, so if you deal in trendy apparel, then millennials can be a big boon for your store. You may want to consider assigning certain tasks, like dressing up adult and child mannequins or stocking clothing racks, to these young workers, as it will allow them to use their sense of fashion while on the clock.

They are technology pros
Millennials have grown up with the Internet and cell phones, so they make perfect social media ambassadors. Instead of struggling to learn new technology yourself, consider hiring a young person who already spends a lot of time on sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Just make sure that when they use these applications while on the job, they're doing it for business purposes, rather than checking up on their own feeds.

They are career-oriented
Millennials are eager to begin their careers, so even if a job at your store is their first foray into the workplace, they are likely to stick around for a while. They may be looking to learn the ropes so they can move up the retail ladder, so take advantage of their excitement and offer them plenty of training. Perhaps you'll have a new manager in the near future!