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Highlighting summer accessories

Highlighting summer accessories

No summer outfit is complete without its fair share of accessories. Not only can these small items help accentuate a shopper’s seasonal wardrobe, but they can make people more comfortable when facing the summer heat and sun. Get your store displays ready to draw some extra attention to these smaller products so customers won’t forget everything they need to have a great summer.

While it’s smart to showcase your warm-weather clothes and swimwear, keeping logical accessories next to these main displays can bundle your products together and drive up sales. Customers may be more likely to pick up that little extra item if they don’t have to go and look for it. When everything they could possibly need is all in one easy-to-reach location, it makes shoppers’ lives much easier.

Positioning is key
If it’s out of sight, it’s often out of mind as well. Make sure your small accessories are strategically positioned in high-traffic areas to get maximum exposure. They can be on display tables showing seasonal clothes or on the counter near the register – anywhere that might be a pleasant surprise for the unsuspecting shopper.

You can’t just place everything wherever you want and hope for the best, however. Pair items that make the most sense together, such as all the beach products or exercise clothes in the same area. For a little extra boost, you can offer a promotion that discounts an accessory when purchased with an article of clothing. Signs presenting this deal will encourage shoppers to seek out accessories on their own.

Completing an outfit for summer occasions
Shoppers will be looking for new bathing suits for the beach, loose clothing for casual summer dress and even the more rugged attire excursions such as hiking and biking. One of the worst things that could happen to someone is realizing they’ve forgotten something while out in the middle of the wilderness with no stores in sight, so make sure you’re displaying all of the gear they’ll need.

Summer hats are key to keeping cool, so keep a hat rack at the checkout counter or on nearby display tables. Another easily forgotten item is sunglasses. Keep those in view either by placing them on a mannequin’s face or lining an acrylic counter display in case people have their epiphany at checkout.

Summer is one of the most diverse seasons for footwear, so it’s imperative that you get as much of your selection out for shoppers to see as you can. From hiking shoes to flip-flops, people will be looking for everything. Shoe racks can display a wide variety in a contained space and there are even special forms of feet made to showcase sandals.

Emphasizing the finer qualities
An important piece of every summer outfit is jewelry. Bring your dazzling items to the forefront of shoppers’ minds with striking, visual displays. Some of the fixtures can even reflect the qualities of nature blooming outside to help spotlight your rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Jewelry stands constructed of cork provide a nice background for entire sets. Teak risers made from natural wood are individually unique and bring some of the outdoors, inside. These stands are perfect for any display that has space for some small extra items.

No matter what the accessory is, it’s the season to get them out for people to see. Display an array of options so every shopper has what they require this summer. Seize this moment to combine products and deals to give your store an edge against competitors, painting it as a one-stop shop with everything shoppers need for their summer wardrobes.