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Helping your shop stand out with fair trade shopping bags and tags

Helping your shop stand out with fair trade shopping bags and tags

Part of a store's image is the kind of packaging it uses whenever it makes a sale. It's important these shopping bags are eye-catching and sustainable in order to attract other customers. When business managers are trying to think of creative ways to get their name out there, packaging is one of the first things that come to mind, as each bag is a free advertisement.

One way to really make a name for your store is by using fair trade bags and tags. Not only will these packaging items perfectly complement your goods, but proceeds could also go to producers from developing countries. This could be a great point to drive home to your customers, particularly those who are socioeconomically conscientious. If you're wondering what you want your fair trade bags to look like, don't worry – there are plenty of options available.

Creating a color scheme
One way to make sure your business stands out is to use the color scheme and logo of your store for your bags. Think of the colors of your sign outside and the hues of your walls. Many stores have a color and logo associated with them, and adding this to store bags is not out of the question. For example, if you are an apparel store that predominantly caters to teenage girls, then you might want your bags to be some bright hue with your logo in a contrasting shade.

You will also want to continue this color scheme onto the tags that come with the bags. This can act as your business card. Be sure to include the name of your store, address and website. This way, if a customer has a question or wants to return an item, they can simply look at the tag.

Make them reusable
You also want to create a bag that customers will not want to throw away. These bags can be stored and used for different needs, and it could remind consumers to pay another visit to your store at a later date.

In addition to being fair trade, these environmentally conscientious bags are a great way to show off your commitments to protecting the Earth. People who use these bags to shop at other locations could also be giving you more business as they're seen out and about.