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Helping families find the perfect gift for Teacher Appreciation Week

Helping families find the perfect gift for Teacher Appreciation Week

Today kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week, which will be held until May 10, and it's important that students and their parents show just how important teachers are in their lives. As a store owner, you should be there to help families who are confused about what to get their favorite teachers. You may not realize this, but your store most likely has some gifts that any teacher would enjoy.

Fun crafts
If you own a stationery store, you'll really want to market Teacher Appreciation Week. Some great gift ideas for people to pick up include brightly colored pens, sticker collections and chalk boards. Anything that can be considered crafty is a great gift idea for educators, as these professionals are constantly trying to come up with ways to inspire their kids. You'll want to market this appropriately, so set up some window displays. Make signs in the shape of apples and rulers to remind people that it's Teacher Appreciation Week, and perhaps put your best-selling educational merchandise on a display table at the front of the store. This way, passersby may walk in to take a gander at your offerings for teachers.

Home goods stores
Shops that sell cooking and other home good items can cater to those shopping for Teacher Appreciation Week. As many students may be looking to bake something for their teacher and their class, owners of these stores will want to properly market items that can fall into this category. Show off some of your best cookie cutters, as these can be great for students who want to make cookies to share. Any shape that's school-related is sure to be a big seller this week.

Container stores
Teachers are known for being organized in the classroom, and students who want to help with that may head over to container stores to purchase storage bins, cubbies and other organizing cubicles. Be sure to let your salespeople know that this could be a busy week and they should be schooled on any products that teachers can use on a daily basis, because parents and students will certainly be looking for them. Also be sure to push gift cards as gift ideas, as students can help teachers shop for themselves.