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Help your shoppers celebrate Sweetest Day

Help your shoppers celebrate Sweetest Day

If you don't live in the Great Lakes region or Midwest, you may not have heard of Sweetest Day. It's celebrated every year on the third Saturday of October, and it's a time to show appreciation for those who matter most. This can mean giving gifts to friends, family, employees or even community members who make every day special. Sweetest Day celebrations are similar to those observed on Valentine's Day – people often exchange gifts of flowers, chocolates, cards or other tokens of gratitude. This means that retailers will have to be on their game, particularly if they are in the parts of the country that observe this holiday. But even if your store is on one of the coasts, you can encourage shoppers to stop in and pick up a gift for their friends and family.

Spread the word
If you think your customer base hasn't heard of Sweetest Day, it is easy to spread the word, particularly if you use social media. Start tweeting about the holiday, its history, and the way it has been celebrated. According to, the holiday was founded around 1922 by a man named Herbert Birch Kingston, who worked at a candy company. He first celebrated the holiday by handing out candy and other gifts to children living in orphanages, or young people who were afflicted with illnesses. Actress Ann Pennington also helps spread the joy of Sweetest Day by giving out boxes of candy to 2,200 Cleveland newspaper boys.

Give ideas
While florists and sweet shop owners will likely benefit the most on this holiday, any type of retailer can get in on the Sweetest Day fun. All you need to do is give your shoppers an idea of what items you sell that would be appropriate for Sweetest Day gifts. Use your window and store displays to communicate this idea. Purchase mannequins for sale and dress them in your hottest Fall clothes, then put them in a store window under a banner wishing passersby a "Happy Sweetest Day." In the store, group together items that you think might sell well for this holiday on display tables, decorated with festive accessories.

Gift wrap and more
Since you'll want to encourage shoppers to purchase items to give as gifts, it's always a good idea to offer gift wrapping this time of year. Stock up on wrapping paper and wholesale shopping bags that your customers can use to present their Sweetest Day gifts to loved ones.