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Help make waiting customers comfortable

Help make waiting customers comfortable

There’s not always a way around it: sometimes people in your store won’t want to be there. It’s not all bad news, since this most often happens when they’re with a customer who is interested in your products. Simply put, some people like to shop and some don’t. Whether it’s getting exactly what the customer wants and leaving or browsing around the entire selection of display tables and store racks, there are different types of shoppers.

Now your main goal shouldn’t be to go out of your way and make everyone happy, but putting in a little effort to make sure unwilling customers are not miserable can be the difference between if they ever want to visit your business again or not.

To make your shop more comfortable for all the people waiting in front of the dressing rooms, set up some chairs. They don’t have to be anything too cozy, the fact that they’re there will go a long way when someone has been standing or walking around for a while, potentially against his or her will. Carefully place them in areas of your store that would be most effective for a slower and more thorough shopper like the back of the store. Anyone who takes the time to go through all of your stock deserves a small reward.

Another small touch would be considering selling a collection of magazines or books, perhaps pertaining to the overall theme of your store. Get a literature rack near your registers or the chairs for browsing or genuine interest. Maybe even a newspaper holder if it doesn’t curb the flow of your setup. Don’t expect this selection to drive your sales, but it will at least give the people waiting something to do and keep them from falling into frustrated boredom. If someone gets impatient in your store, that individual could begin rushing the other people they’re with out.

The important thing is that your sales floor stays as positive as it can. If people are having a good time, they’ll be inclined to buy more than if they’re worrying about leaving or rushing to make someone happy. Some lack the unique stamina and endurance needed for prolonged shopping. If you cater to them even a little, they just might walk out with a new magazine instead of a distasteful opinion.