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Help customers look their best on the beach

Help customers look their best on the beach

For many individuals, summer means one thing: fun in the sun. Of course, before they can spend their time frolicking in the water or playing in the sand, they have to dress the part. Finding the right swimsuit is easier said than done, but with the right store displays, you can make it effortless for shoppers to locate a look that works for them.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind as you strive to improve your bathing suit displays:

Show them the styles
Most shoppers can’t be expected to make a final decision without knowing what all of their options are. They may even want to try a wide range of styles to see what looks best on their body type, so it is important to provide the customers with all of the options and information they’ll need before choosing a bathing suit.

Another good idea is including things like sarongs, cover-ups and beach accessories into displays. If shoppers are looking for a swimsuit, there’s a good chance they are also on the hunt for these items, and expertly weaving the products into table displays is a great way to promote the accessories.

Provide the right colors
It’s a simple fact: Some hues look best on people with a certain skin tone or hair color. By stocking up on a wide assortment of colors, regardless of the bathing suit style, you can be sure you have the shades that suit any shopper who comes through your doors.

To remain organized, consider using hanging forms to showcase a certain style. Then you can fill in the adjoining racks with a variety of colors and sizes. This will allow customers to easily locate the suits that catch their eye and quickly find the colors they look best in.

It’s not just women
Although women may be your target consumers – making finding female mannequins for sale a priority – you shouldn’t lose sight of the needs of men or children. After all, everyone needs bathing suits, and by showing off your options for every shopper, you can increase the chances of making a sale. Investing in kid mannequins or male mannequins is a wise choice, as these tools can help you create comprehensive store displays that can attract any type of customer. Mannequins also make it easier to incorporate all garments into a display or section of your store, as the shopper will know exactly what is in a given area.