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Help customers choose the perfect suit

Help customers choose the perfect suit

When men set out to buy a suit, they might have no idea what they’re looking for. Perhaps it’s the first suit a man has had to buy, or he might be seeking a new fit after losing weight.

If you have a nice selection of formal and business clothes for men, it can be tremendously helpful for your employees to understand the basics of choosing a suit.

Consider reviewing these hard and fast fashion rules for suit shopping at your next staff meeting.

The right fit
When it comes to the ideal suit, it’s important to give the cut your utmost attention. Esquire magazine explained that the four C’s of suit shopping – cut, cloth, color and cost – should be dealt with in that order.

If a suit doesn’t fit correctly, people will be sure to notice before they pick up on the quality or shade of the fabric. Pants should rest on the customer’s waist, not his hips and the hem looks best when his shoelaces are just barely hidden.

The cut of the jacket can make or break a man’s business look. Its bottom hem should reach the first knuckles of his thumbs while the sleeves show a half inch of the shirt cuffs underneath. According to Details, jackets that don’t land as far down a man’s torso can make him look heavier. When the jacket’s buttoned, the customer should be able to fit his fist snugly but comfortably between it and his shirt.

An appropriate dress shirt with a thin collar is good for days when he’s going sans tie. The colors can be brighter than the hue he chooses for the suit, but without broaching the line of unprofessional. Suggest ties that have patterns and designs that fit his lifestyle, whether he’s buying the suit for business meetings or an upcoming wedding.

Let the customer peruse what you’ve displayed on suit hangers as far as color and fabric are concerned, then help him decide based on current trends.

The right details
When your customers are shopping for suit accessories, Details recommended advising that less is more. Even if he looks at the store displays and wants cuff links, a pocket square and a tie clip, it can look overwhelming if he wears them all together. If a man’s trying to decide whether or not to go with a three-piece suit, explain to him that the style is slimming and the extra article of clothing will come in handy when a formal occasion arises, according to the source.