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Headband style trends

Headband style trends

No, it’s not the 1970s, but headbands are making a comeback in fashion and may be one of the hottest accessories showing up at apparel retailers in 2014. The trend is both versatile and simple to incorporate into nearly any look. Check out one of these designs and ideas, and see which one matches your personal style:

Traditional appeal
People who want to complete a preppy ensemble will often opt for a classic headband option, such as a thin band made of a hard material like plastic. For additional pizzazz, these can be wrapped with fabric or embellished with gems, ribbon or a bow. While donning this traditional piece, locks can be worn either down or up in a ponytail or bun.

Free spirit
Looking for a natural way to hold back unruly strands? A fabric headband may be the way to go. These flexible accessories are easy to pack into a purse or gym bag and add instant style to your outfit. The softer pieces come in two basic styles – a single unit that is pulled over the head and fitted into place, and a tie-able option that can be adjusted from the front. Because they’re more adaptable in shape, fabric headbands may be the style of choice for gals with curly hair.

Making a statement
Selecting a material is only the first step when it comes to picking out a headband. As noted, there are certain embellishments to choose from as well that will make the piece uniquely you. In addition to designs and decorations, width and placement of your headband can make a big difference in how the accent is perceived. For instance, a thick headband goes beyond simply holding back your strands to become a key component of your hairstyle. The same can be said of pieces that are covered in jewels and other accents.

If you need some inspiration, look to the runway, where you’ll spot some of the most innovative ways of modeling a headband. At the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2014 show, for instance, shimmering styles were accentuated with intricately woven headbands that were inspired by florals and gems for an almost crown-like appeal. In addition, bright hues – particularly royal blue – were all the rage for wrap and tie headbands.

Retailers will want to make the most of their store displays to showcase headbands’ designs. Read on tomorrow to learn how to effectively market these stylish accessories.