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Hats off to fashion

Hats off to fashion


Whether you specialize in hats as a milliner, or you’re simply a vintage boutique or sporting goods store owner, headwear is a popular, stylish statement that many consumers consider an important piece in their wardrobe. Therefore, staying in tune with the latest hat trends can help you bring in customers and keep your inventory moving. Cloches, bucket hats, beanies, toques, berets and baseball caps are among some of the trending styles to expect in the coming months.

How to choose hat displays

Not only does this allow you to prepare your store to follow the same direction as the fashion industry, but it also means paying closer attention to which display options make the most sense. As these trends emerge, it’s wise to explore the different varieties of hat racks, countertop displays, head forms, wig displays and mannequins that would work best with your store setup.

Today, mannequins and other displays can have a big impact on buyer choices. Retailers need to focus on catering to and understanding the wants and needs of diverse customers. Multicultural customer service not only emphasizes the need to diversify clothing options, but also how different people style their garments, as explained by EthnoConnect. Different display options can help you achieve the vision of all types of consumers.

Try these displays in your store

If you’re looking to mix up the current flow of your brick and mortar store, or you feel the need to upgrade your display choices based on upcoming trends and style shifts, consider these options:

A traditional hat rack is straight to the point. It lets each headpiece take center stage without the distraction that might come with using a mannequin that includes other clothing or accessories.

You can place countertop displays throughout the store, but we recommend situating them behind a mirror wall. This adds a dimension to the space and also allows customers to try on hats with ease and make a purchase decision on the spot.

Wig displays or head forms better demonstrate how a hat will look before a customer actually tries it on. Place four or five head mannequins next to each other to give interested customers options.

A full figure mannequin can help you sell a hat by pulling together an entire look for your customers. This can encourage them to consider the whole outfit or browse the rest of your store to choose a look that fits their style and complements the headwear.

A display cube is a versatile option that lets you present hats as well as other complementary accessories.

Displays are always changing, and that’s half of the fun of selling hats in your store. Continue following trends and use the above display options throughout the store to intrigue your customers.