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Harrods preps for Christmas with Disney-inspired window display

Harrods preps for Christmas with Disney-inspired window display

Harrods department store in London is famous for many reasons, including their routinely spectacular window displays. With the holiday season just around the corner, the retailer is hoping to get passersby excited with an all new Disney-inspired showcase, set to be unveiled on November 1, reports The Daily Mail.

It’s fun meets high fashion with this window display, as there will be top designer clothes all modeled after some of Disney’s most beloved princesses. The news source shows drawings of a flower-decorated dress inspired by Mulan, a sleek, black number for Rapunzel, and a stunning golden dress modeled after something Pocahontas might wear if she ever found herself on a catwalk.

Of course, it’s not all about the beautiful dresses on these mannequins. There will also be a magical-themed backdrop behind each one to enhance the dresses, which are designed by the likes of Missoni, Roberto Cavalli and even Versace.

Valentino is designing the dress for Belle from Beauty and the Beast. It will feature silk chiffon with a hood and lots of pleating, along with accessories like a silver flower bag and studded flats.

Ariel’s dress is deep blue silk with a long tail and “captures [her] adventurous under-the-sea spirit,” designer Marchesa told the news source.

While you may not be able to enlist famous designers to create looks just for your window display, you can capitalize on a similar theme by emphasizing the “magic” of the holiday season. Princesses, fairies, and kings and queens all lend themselves to this motif.

Use a few different adult and child mannequins in your display, and dress them up in your most elegant and tasteful clothes. Top them off with a few crowns, then set to work on making your own magical backdrop. Hanging ribbons can drive this theme home, and don’t forget to use jewelry displays prominently, as sparkly bling is a magical must.