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Hanging your hats

Hanging your hats

Hats are nothing new in fashion, but certain types are having a major moment in fashion right now, which is why it is important that clothing stores display them properly. Whether you sell bowlers, fedoras or straw hats, there are ways to get ahead of the display game.

If you have the space, consider dedicating one whole wall to hats. Hanging individual pieces on hooks on the walls gives each its own space to be admired by the customer and creates an attractive store display. A hat wall can also act as an engaging backdrop to a window display for fall.

Structural hats like fedoras can be made into a unique visual with little to no help from props on display tables. Stack them into a pyramid shape, resting one layer on top of the other. It is best to do this with one style only, since shoppers will likely want to try the hats on. Of course, you can always have hair mannequins modeling the hats, too.

If your store sells exclusively hats, it can be a cute idea to create decor with the head-toppers. Consider ways to create lamps and other lighting out of bowlers or straw sun hats, or make a wreath out of vintage hats to adorn your entry way.