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Hanging out in style: 5 new store decoration ideas

Hanging out in style: 5 new store decoration ideas


For retailers, a common rule of thumb is to keep updating and refreshing as often as possible. That’s because a store that seems stodgy and unchanging is less likely to exude a trendsetting, inviting image. Shoppers who visit your establishment often are more likely to lapse into a “same old, same old” mentality if there’s nothing different from one visit to the next. And first-time visitors, though less aware of static decor, still need some sort of visually interesting enticement to get them in the door.

So if you want to add new drama and excitement to your sales floor, here are some creative and helpful ways to do it with visual displays.

1. Paper decorations

To create a festive, cheerful decor, you can choose from imaginative hanging paper decorations like hearts, hot air balloons, snowflakes, birds, paper fans, starbursts, flowers and even clever shapes like cupcakes and ornaments. There are also larger-than-life corrugated cardboard letters, numbers, and symbols that lend a three-dimensional touch to any message, as well as stylish white vinyl and elegant silver metallic sheeting backdrops.

2. Bulldog mannequins

It’s amazing how many different kinds of merchandise can be held by or draped over an adorable bulldog mannequin – even small signs and promotional messages! Bulldog forms are available standing or sitting, and in an assortment of popular, eye-catching colors and finishes. They’re perfect for small apparel items and accessories like jewelry, gloves, scarves, hats and more. Best of all, they’re especially well-suited for children’s products.

3. Garlands

Picture vivid, colorful strings of butterflies, bright mirror disks, or delicate dragonflies strategically placed around mannequin displays, hanging from shelves and fixtures, arranged in a window display… or anywhere else you can imagine. With help from nearly invisible fishing line, garlands can also be suspended from the ceiling in a realistic, lifelike simulation of nature’s beauty. And you can use them either as multiple strands or separate them for individually accenting special merchandise.

4. Hand displays

Hands on stands or stylishly sculpted pieces – these are just right for jewelry, but also serve as a great place to drape other merchandise like silken scarves, or to hold small signs. Arranged horizontally, hands can also double as pointers, directing the eye to a nearby product display. They are available in white, black and wooden forms, as well as a flexible version mounted on a small white or black base.

5. Lights and action

Need a bright, attention-getting way to focus shoppers on sale merchandise or other special displays? Simply plug in a few dazzling string lights that can serve as radiant “runways” or signal flares pointing to where the action is. You can choose from flexible, 10-foot long clear rope lighting (connect multiple strands up to 300 ft. for even greater effect) and battery-powered, six-and-a-half-foot LED string lights on bendable copper wire. Or, for even more drama, there are nine-foot strands of elegant rose leaf lights, which will open before your very eyes when misted with an ordinary spray bottle.