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Hanging form display ideas for every season

Hanging form display ideas for every season

Stores need to change with the times to be successful. Whether it’s embracing new technologies or keeping up to date on the latest trends, constantly remaining aware of the methods that can help run a retail establishment is an absolute must. As such, it’s important to find store fixtures and tools that can be used in any scenario.

Hanging forms can be useful in any setting thanks to their flexibility. In many ways they are like dress forms, as they only depict the torso without arms or legs, but they have hooks at the top for hanging. Establishments that don’t have a lot of room on the floor or in windows will want to save those areas for mannequins and table displays, and hanging forms can be expertly utilized in these situations to make the most of limited space.

No matter what the time of year, you can use hanging forms to enhance store displays. Here are a few seasonal ideas you may want to keep in mind as you think about how to set up retail space.

Birds are chirping, plants are blooming and snow is melting – making spring the perfect time for a fresh start. This season is also one where shoppers are on the hunt for pieces that can make up their spring wardrobe, and they’ll likely be thinking toward the future, so it’s important to showcase items that can work deep into the year. That makes sun dresses and light styles must-haves in your displays, and hanging forms can be used to highlight the trends. You’ll want to highlight the up-and-coming styles and colors that will be present throughout the year, and using these versatile forms allows you to make changes to outfits or displays as you see what clothes catch on.

When the temperature rises, customers may flock to your store to find the best bathing suits, beach cover-ups and flowy outfits to help them beat the heat. Hanging forms can certainly help in these scenarios, as they are ideal for showing off bathing suits. You can display them on rolling racks to let customers know where different styles are kept, and this will also free up space in larger displays for long summer pieces. Light dresses and cover-ups are also great choices for forms, as the flowy bottoms don’t require a base.

As fall comes around, the back-to-school mindset will likely be present in many shoppers. Button-up shirts, sweaters and blouses will be popular, and placing these on hanging forms can help you show off trendy looks, such as layers, while also spotlighting certain areas of a store. If you want customers to see how pieces can work together to create a perfect outfit and want to help them navigate a space at the same time, then hanging forms can go a long way.

Winter is all about comfort, so the ensembles you display on hanging forms during this time should reflect that. Cozy sweaters and festive holiday colors will be popular with shoppers, and you can use hanging forms to help you move this merchandise. Pairing these pieces with scarves or jackets can motivate customers to buy while also showing which accessories work best with the outfit.

No matter what season you’re creating a display for, be sure to include jewelry in the showcase. Necklaces fit beautifully onto hanging forms and can be easily integrated into any outfit. This is the perfect way to show that you’ve put thought into displays and also have the right touches that can complete an ensemble.