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Handbag displays to showcase latest trends

Handbag displays to showcase latest trends

If there’s one thing that women most often bring with them everywhere, it’s their handbag or purse. When someone buys a bag, it’s a decision not made lightly. Shoppers are choosing the means that will carry their mobile life for the foreseeable future. A perfect match will have just the right amount of space and compartments to carry everything they need day to day, while also looking stylish. Some people essentially live out of their bag and ease of access is important to them. Other customers may be using their purse merely as an accessory to complement certain color schemes or outfits, and commonly swap it out on a daily basis.

Either way, you need to make sure the handbags at your business are properly displayed in a way that won’t limit the exposure of the majority of your stock and that will catch the attention of passing patrons.

For everyone to see
One of the biggest problems with store displays for handbags is showcasing them in a way that lets everyone see all of them. A lot of the time, the outermost bag is the only one effectively seen, hindering the chances for your other stock to be visible.

The easiest way to fix this problem, is to prevent it from happening all together in the first place. Choosing the right store fixture is key in ensuring your products aren’t handicapped right out of the gate. There are a number of units you can use depending on the size and theme of your shop. If you want your bags hanging from the wall, on a rack or displayed on your counter, there are apparatus available to make it all possible. Designs that provide a cascading effect make it easier for shoppers to sift through the selection and gives every bag some spotlight.

If you sell clutch bags, clear holders will make sure that the least amount possible is covered so all the colors and designs can be seen.

Position the trends
Handbag trends are part of a dynamic landscape that is ever-shifting. Do your best to place the hottest crazes on the outside of your displays and position the fixtures in key locations that may drive customers to complete their outfits with your subtle suggestions.

Handbags aren’t generally an item used every now and then. They are brought around every day. People who purchase one of your purses will be reminded of your store  every time they pick it up. Do your best to help them see it the first time.