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Groups of mannequins add variety to displays

Groups of mannequins add variety to displays

When it comes to your store displays, mannequins offer a way like no other where you can give customers the chance to visualize what your inventory would look like on them just short of actually trying anything on. If your stalwart models succeed, a trip to the dressing room will be shoppers’ next stop. When you integrate your mannequins in with your store fixtures, you can develop a setting that uses the natural elements of your building for a decorative theme that blends in with your store. While a single mannequin can make a powerful image, especially when adorned with your premium stock, groups of your models clustered closer together can have entirely different benefits.

A team you can count on
Groups of mannequins give you a creative outlet to show off a multitude of different styles and clothes at the same time. You can use this a couple of ways, such as dressing them all up in a similar manner to emphasize a certain trend going on or as part of an upcoming holiday theme or promotion. Your models can be the super team of your shop, driving sales and impressing anyone who walks through your doors.

There are mannequins available for all the sections of your store and made in different poses out of many materials. This enables your band to be comprised of completely different models if you desire to show a unique display of choices and options. With hair and makeup or white gloss and charcoal, you have the choice of how diverse you want to make your figures. In traditional poses or more abstract positions, assemble your displays in as prominent of scenes as you can to make a loud statement.

If you position your grouping in the center of your shop, right in front of the entrance, the first thing people will see is the variety of options available. Not only in terms of clothes, but just how far you’re willing to go to keep an assorted selection in all aspects of your business

Out with the family
There’s another group of mannequins you can put together when the occasion calls for it. Using a child mannequin, you can create a family of models to showcase your selection for all genders and age groups in one display. This type of exhibit can be used during any time of year and implemented into a number of themes. Set up a picture-perfect moment of a picnic during the spring or a day at the beach during the summer. Decorate them with all the accessories that can be applied to whatever you’re doing. This gives you the opportunity to show an array of different products in a relatable and timeless fashion.

It’s not necessary to abandon your singular displays for mannequins, but remember that different setups can accentuate the messages you’re trying to promote. During the busier times of the year, your customers may appreciate multiple models to look at. No one wants to crowd around one mannequin just to see what it’s wearing. Keep the types of your models as different as possible too, because no two people are alike. Everyone’s shape and size varies and sometimes it can be difficult for your customers to picture themselves in an outfit worn by a completely different body type. Shoppers will be more willing to try on clothes that looks like it’ll fit them straight off of them mannequin. Not only will this translate to more people trying on your inventory, but it may lead to an increase in sales as well.