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Great color combinations for spring

Great color combinations for spring

Every season takes on its own particular hue, and your store displays should reflect the trendy colors. During the summer, shoppers are keen to get their warm-weather outfits ready, so you need to set up the store fixtures in your building to do everything they can to help customers in their search. The right tones highlight products and enhance any theme in your retail space, giving you a way to accentuate certain items and design elements.

Just like the changes that occur every season, the color trends vary from year to year too. You need to stay on top of what’s in fashion if you’re going to add them to displays to bring increased attention to your summer clothes.

The season of life
As always with spring and summer, the colors finding their way into fashion shows and runways are earthy and natural. However, a combination of vibrant shades and more neutral colors can work off of each other for a well-rounded outfit. Clothes aren’t the only pieces of the puzzle when it comes to matching colors. Shoes and other accessories can add another layer to any outfit by giving it more depth to explore with other mixtures of color.

One of this year’s most popular bright summer colors is a tangerine orange, according to InStyle. Adding the tint to clothes and colors with a more minimalistic style keeps things simple, but provides enough pop to match the spirit of the season.

A refreshing blue with a splash of coral is a perfect combination for those warm afternoons at the beach or by the ocean. Offset lively shades of green with gentle pastels for a blend of nature that matches the blooming flowers outside. Even if you want to throw in some tropical colors into your display outfits, you can expertly balance these pieces with neutral counterparts. A blouse with an exotic print, for instance, may pair well with a solid black or white blazer for a fun yet polished look.

Bring the color to your models
Your clothing and accessories aren’t the only parts of your store that can shed their darker colors either. The mannequins in your windows and the store racks throughout the building can don their own summer shades with the C3 Custom Color Collection.

Color your fixtures with whatever tones you’d like to best integrate them in with your summer themes. When your seasonal clothing is displayed on top of racks and models that complement the ensembles, the products could look more appealing, enticing passersby to march in and check out the apparel.

The other decorations in your shop can play off of the colors to create a much more immersive design. By harnessing summer colors, not only can you aid shoppers in finding the styles they’re craving for the warm weather, but you add a dynamic, visual atmosphere to your business. Use popular colors to steer shoppers through your store or cast a spotlight on certain inventory. A simple coat of paint or new fabric might be all it takes to transform your store into an ideal reflection of spring.