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Got a blank wall to fill in your store?

Got a blank wall to fill in your store?

You have set up all of your store fixtures, and even though it seemed like you had more shelving, gridwall and other display fixtures than you had wall space, you find yourself staring at a blank, white wall after everything has been set up. What is a new shop owner to do?

There are a number of ways to solve this problem. One solution is to get custom signage and use this location as a place for promotional posters and sale signs to communicate with customers. If you don't want to hang anything, consider painting it with chalkboard paint and writing new messages about deals, new products and other business-related information.

If the blank wall is not in a place where many people see it, it can still be beneficial to either paint it a bold accent color or hang wall art. Whether you buy framed pictures or make wall art of your own, make sure the message it conveys is in line with your store's theme. For instance, if you sell kitchen gadgets or specialty foods, framed prints of vintage pots and pans might be appropriate, and if you are a clothing store, see if you can find fashion-related photos, like designers' sketches.