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Gondola shelving can make use of empty wall space

Gondola shelving can make use of empty wall space

Every square foot in your store needs to be taken advantage of if you’re to make proper use of your building. That includes your wall space too. Unless a minimalistic approach is used in your shop’s theme, the money paid for rent will be going to nothing if there are blank sections of wall or wide open areas of floor. While it’s never a good idea to overclutter a business, it’s important to recognize when extra room can be employed to either set up new display tables or even add a couple of store racks.

For those blank stretches of wall where a picture or sale sign just won’t cut it, gondola shelving is a great way to make use of the vertical space.

Build up toward the ceiling
Many stores don’t fully seize the opportunities presented by upstanding space. When the sales floor fills up, instead of shuffling things around, look toward the ceiling and all of its wasted potential. Not only can decorations be hung from store fixtures to add another dimension to your theme, but shelves placed against the walls ensure your products are out there for all the shoppers to see.

Once inventory is lining the boundaries, it makes everything displayed much more visible, no matter where a customer is standing in the store. Even if the items located higher up aren’t immediately accessible to everyone, people can notice them from further away, and as long as you keep the proper recovery tools handy, they’ll be able to access the products without a problem. Products can get increased exposure the more raised they are, and if there is a determined location of where the showcased products are kept, shoppers can move to that easily to pick it up.

Customize your walls
One of the many advantages that come with gondola shelves and gridwall displays is the ability to customize the units to fit particular needs. This enables you to incorporate them into store displays and themes, or just hold as much inventory as possible.

Shelves can be removed or added to compensate for products of any size. Gondola shelves can be pushed flush against a wall or turned to create small, makeshift double-sided aisles. The bases can host mannequins to develop self-contained displays too. Instead of leaving a bare wall, these fixtures add style and versatility to your store that can be harnessed for events, promotions or just everyday operations.

The shelves are easy to move as well, allowing stores to remain dynamic for remodels and to accommodate larger designs.

Instead of paying for unused space, make the walls and vertical area work for you. Whether it is moving as much of your stock out of the back rooms and into shoppers’ sight as you can or adding another level to the shop’s theme, shelving can help you realize your goals.