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Going green can save you money

Going green can save you money

Being green in your store will not only entice a new set of customers, but can actually help you save money. With these extra funds, you could think of new ways to make your shop stand out, such as purchasing new display tables or mannequins.

MIT Sloan Management Review recently released a study on the top ways small business owners can get more money by going green. The easiest way to start saving is to switch to energy-efficient lighting. Trading your older incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs for light-emitting diode (LED) lights gives you instant savings on energy bills, plus these bulbs can last up to 10 years.

Other smart ways to save include making bags and receipts optional, buying energy efficient equipment such as an Energy Star rated fax machine, and buying items that can be used more than once to display your merchandise. For example, a jewelry display could work to showcase your fine necklaces or bracelets, and also specialty scarves or watches, depending on what's popular at the moment.