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Go wild with your retail supplies

Go wild with your retail supplies

Looking for a way to make an impact on your shoppers? One of the best methods to help customers remember your store long after they have left is to provide memorable packaging for the items they purchased. There's nothing special about a plastic "Thank you for shopping" bag, or a brown paper bag. Why not take your shoppers on safari when they leave your store?

A surefire way to stand out from the crowd is to choose bulk retail supplies in bold, playful prints. Whether you are looking for a permanent packaging solution or just a fun, temporary switch, opt for animal prints. Zebra and leopard-print tissue paper is a great way to spice up the plain old paper bag.

These fun prints can add a little pizzazz to brown bags you already have, but you can take it a step further by choosing paper bags in fun colors. A hot pink bag with leopard-print tissue would look extremely fashion-forward, while a blue bag with zebra-print would add a chic sense of coolness to your packaging, and thus your customer's memory of the store. Add some pretty wholesale ribbon for an extra-special touch.