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GlobalShop 2014: The importance of trade shows

GlobalShop 2014: The importance of trade shows

From March 18 to 20, Firefly Store Solutions will be attending the GlobalShop 2014 expo in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Convention Center in booth 343. GlobalShop is the largest annual event that brings together the most companies representing solutions and store fixtures for your business. At the show, you can gain some fresh ideas and witness innovative answers to the problems you’ve been having this past year.

Today’s experts in retail will be giving conferences to help you gain insight on the emerging consumer, in-store, international and independent retailer trends of the year and the changing customer behavior. There are practical takeaways and educational opportunities at every meeting. The talks are divided into specialized tracks to make it easier for you to find the topics that pertain most to your needs and interests.

The actual show floor is divided into six retail design sections too. It’s filled with hundreds of vendors from all over and provides a unique opportunity for networking with peers and establishing new business contacts.

Store Fixturing Show (SFS)
The SFS’ main focus is on architectural millwork, countertop fixturing, extrusions, shelving, showcases and other fixtures. This is a good show to see if you think your shop needs more space to present your inventory or help with your store displays.

Visual Merchandising Show (VMS)
The VMS focuses on enticing people in through your doors with decorations and props, design services, display fabrics, mannequins/forms, packaging and shopping bags. Pavilion booth 343 for Firefly Store Solutions is located at this show.

Store Design and Operations (SDO)
​The concentration of the SDO section is on architectural services, building/construction materials, ceilings, doors/door pulls, exterior signage, lighting and flooring. If you’ve been thinking of expanding your building or remodeling for a new interior design, the SDO can help bring your ideas to the physical world.

Digital Store (DS)
The attention of the Digital Store is on the effect technology is having on the retail industry. Digital signs, audio and sound systems, content providers/management, displays and screens, self service technology and traffic counters and monitors are all part of the evolution in today’s shopping world.

At-Retail Marketplace (ARM)
The essence of ARM is all of the smaller details that make your customers comfortable like acrylic displays and materials, assembly and packing, counter mats, floor/window graphics, literature holders, kiosks and on-shelf point of purchase.

Retail Marketing Services (RMS)
The RMS section keeps its attention more on the logistics of running a business like merchandising services, audits/surveys, in-store marketing, fulfillment/distribution, product sampling and demonstration and sales promotion/training.

What you do directly affects your customer’s experience at your company. Success depends on keeping yourself up to date with all the current knowledge and tools to build your brand and create the retail environment of your dreams. If you don’t, competitors surely will.

At trade shows like GlobalShop, you get the chance for a hands-on interaction with the products you’re interested in purchasing and you get to speak to the vendors, partners and creators from all over the world. There’s only so much you can do behind a screen or over a phone. When you visit trade shows, you get to interact with the people you will be working with, and maybe even people you already have been working with, for the first time. You get to feel the materials and touch the displays so you know what you’re getting.

Even if you go just for ideas, there is such a wide variety of perspectives and concepts that will make your imagination run wild. GlobalShop has been connecting the retail design industry since 1993 and has been growing ever since. Attending trade shows is one of the best ways to view and sample all the newest products and services that can help you expand on the hard work you’ve already done.