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Give Your Store a Rainbow of Colors

Give Your Store a Rainbow of Colors

Sandals, platforms, peep toes, oh my! Spring is here and so are the season's best shoes. With all the fun and lively sandals being sent to stores in the coming weeks, some stores may be wondering what the best way to display footwear is.

An easy and fun way to create store displays is to use display tables to showcase all of the best shoes in a rainbow formation. To achieve this stellar look, start by separating some of the top shoes brought in by color. Remember, the shoes don't have to be fully red or fully blue to be in the blue or red category, instead just make sure the shoes predominately feature the one color to create fluidity in the display.

Once you've separated the shoes into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, go even further. Transition the shoes from the darkest reds to the lightest to make it seem as if the colors simply blend into one another. From here, you can either set up display tables to showcase your masterpiece, or you could use wholesale ribbon to string the gorgeous sandals along the back wall of the display for a more 3D effect.