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Give your next window display a regional theme

Give your next window display a regional theme

If you’re searching for a new idea for your window display, then you may need to look no further than your own community. Creating a regional theme for your storefront can help draw in local shoppers and tourists alike. Here are some ways to find inspiration that’s close to home.

Think of common themes for your state
Every state has a nickname, and you can use it to come up with an idea for your store. For instance, California is known as “The Golden State,” so retailers there may want to create a gold motif in their store display. Use wholesale ribbon and shopping bags in this hue as a base, and then set up display tables or wall racks stocked with yellow and metallic items to bring the theme home.

What images does your area call to mind?
Some state names aren’t as easy to use in a display window. Missourians might not know how to make a motif based on their state’s nickname, “The Show-Me State.” In such situations, it may be better to think of images that your area calls to mind. Stores located in Maine, for example, can use lobsters, lighthouses, moose and pine trees in their motifs, while Louisiana retailers might opt for Mardi Gras or Creole themes.

Get hyper-local
You can narrow the scope of your theme by thinking about your own neighborhood or town, rather than your state at large. Shops that rely on a local customer base can truly benefit from making “inside jokes” in their window displays. Think about a local event, myth or historical fact that might make customers stop and examine your storefront, and then do your best to emulate this concept using adult and child mannequins.

Go big or go home
If the regional theme isn’t your cup of tea, you can think on a larger scale. You don’t have to save your patriotic, all-American theme for early July – you can show your love of America any time of year by creating a window display with reds, whites and blues. If you want to go even bigger, consider making an “Earth” or global theme. You can showcase different products from around the world in your display cases, or go with a more subtle theme by creating a display that features blue and green hues prominently.