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Gifts for Mom on display

Gifts for Mom on display

Yesterday, we highlighted tips for creating the perfect men’s retail store display, but let’s not forget about Mom. Appeal to people shopping for the special lady in their lives by highlighting the items that Mom will love most. Try one of these tips to craft an eye-catching display:

Make it personal
Picking out fashion items for another person can be tricky, so help your customers out by offering style suggestions. Whether you’re selling clothing, jewelry or other accessories, show off what you’ve got with models and mannequins. Be inclusive of all figures by selecting forms of different shapes in varying poses, and bring an extra touch of attention with a pop of contrast with a model from the C3 Custom Color collection or a wig. You can also dress up mannequins with stylish jersey form covers and bases that match a variety of designs – from classic wooden stands in silver, neutral or black, or boutique items in crafted metal. Draw attention to jewelry displays with item-specific fixtures like necklace easels or model hands. Countertop cases and stands can be especially helpful for showing off smaller items like rings, bracelets and earrings.

Share the warmth
What could be cozier than a hug from Mom or some homemade cooking? Create that same comforting appeal with warm store fixtures and fabrics. A bit of colorful cloth draped over a stylish end table or display counter can add that extra bit of personal attention. Opt for lighting that creates a more natural feel as well, such a strand lighting and rose bulbs. This style of illumination will give merchandise a warmer glow.

Remember the finishing touches
Although it’s what inside that counts, Mom will appreciate a package that looks appealing. Be sure to make the proper gift-wrapping accessories available for shoppers who are short on time or creativity. Essentials like bags, boxes and tissue paper, as well as standard gift wrap come in a wide range of colors and patterns that will match any mom’s personal taste. Gift tags come in decorative designs as well. For specific merchandise like jewelry, take extra care to provide the appropriate supplies so that delicate items can be transported both safely and stylishly. Jewelry pouches and boxes carefully cushion the pretty pieces.