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Gift wrap is an essential part of customer service

Gift wrap is an essential part of customer service

Some store owners might assume it's their products that draw in and keep customers coming back when they need to pick up that special something. While this may be true, there are other aspects of the shopping experience that help stores stay in customers' minds after they've checked out, one of which is gift wrapping.

Offering gift wrapping or wrapping customers' purchases in nice tissue paper, even if the item isn't necessarily going to be a gift, really adds that personal touch people long for. Offering this little extra can also give your store free marketing, especially if you use quality wrapping paper and wholesale ribbon. 

Pattie Stacher, manager of the National Stationery Show, recently spoke with Gift Shop Magazine regarding the latest trends in wrapping.

"Paper is fashion. There are a lot of designers who interpret fashion and home decor trends and tell their own story on paper," Stacher told the news source. "It's a very, very fashion-forward industry. It's trendy, it's high-color, high-elegance and luxury."

Shop owners can also entice customers by using eco sinamay bags to wrap their jewelry. These colorful tie-bags are great for keeping purchased jewelry safe and can be reused to store jewels long after shoppers have left the store.