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Getting your store ready for spring apparel

Getting your store ready for spring apparel

Apparel retailers must be ready to change with the times. Having the out-of-season clothing on the store floor will be a big turn off for shoppers, so now is the time to swap out sweaters, heavy coats and winter accessories with t-shirts, light jackets and sunglasses. Here are a few tips on how to get your store ready for springtime apparel:

Out with the old
The first step to preparing your store for the new season is to get rid of all the clothes that are no longer suitable for the weather. You should try to sell as much of it as possible, so consider offering out-of-season items to customers for a major discount. You can get the word out using social media by posting a message like, “Spring is here, and we need space! Save on winter clothes for next year!” This may require you and a few of your employees to stay after hours restocking shelves. You can make this experience more pleasant for workers by supplying them with food and drink (and overtime pay, of course). As you go through the clothes from last season, set aside items that may still be fashionable next year. You can put these in storage, and the rest can be donated, returned to your parent company or otherwise disposed of.

In with the new
Before you put your new clothes on hangers and clothing racks, consider doing a bit of rearranging and cleaning. Spring is the season to tidy up, after all, and your customers will appreciate a new store layout for this time of year. You can also take time to inspect your adult and child mannequins, display tables and jewelry displays to see if any are looking battered and need to be replaced. Remember, your new clothes won’t shine if they’re stocked on dilapidated store fixtures.

The final touches
You should take some measures to alter the atmosphere of your store as well as the products you are selling. Consider purchasing some wholesale shopping bags in vibrant blues, greens and yellows to reflect the sunny skies and blossoming plants. Speaking of which, why not get a few fresh flowers to spruce up your store’s interior? You can rest potted flowers alongside the items in your display cases or around your register to remind customers that spring is finally here!