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Getting the reclaimed look in your wall displays

Getting the reclaimed look in your wall displays

Your store displays are important pieces in your shop that spread the word about the products in your store. Equally important are the store fixtures that line your walls, holding a majority of your products. Wall displays can be a bit difficult to incorporate into your theme, but when done so properly they accentuate the design of your entire establishment by bringing a well-rounded look to every corner of your building. A popular style making its way into many stores and homes as of late is the reclaimed look, which brings the old feel back into the spotlight without sacrificing any quality.

The Hanson Collection
From tables to sign holders, the Hanson Collection combines the harsh durability of an industrial appearance with a subtle tone. When you transform your store’s theme into a reclaimed look, it takes on an aspect of environmentally conscious nature. Recycled materials are used to make something new, reducing the impact an increased demand could cause. The Hanson Collection manages to capture the worn textures of age, but without any brittle flaws or damage. If your building is already displaying features of this style, adding fixtures to further complement it can create a cohesive atmosphere.

Bring it to the walls
The walls of your store are the places that may present you with the greatest opportunities for the reclaimed look. If you already have pipes and other industrial characteristics naturally adorning you building, implementing the Hanson Collection for wall displays can further add on to that. A number of options allow you to create a variety of displays to serve whatever needs you have. The removable fixtures enable you to create displays on your walls on their own or in addition to the showcases near them at the ends of your aisles.

Interchangeable hangrails, straight bars and baskets make it easy to present a wide range of your products to shoppers without sacrificing your aesthetic theme. Even shelves made of worn-looking wood fully keep in character every section of your wall displays. By using the Hanson Collection in tandem with preexisting facets of your store or other main displays, you can bring a more complete look to your customers with a casual flair of style that will draw them in. The reclaimed look doesn’t try to bring all the focus to itself, but instead provides an appealing backdrop for the clothes and accessories you put on it.