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Getting the extra sales

Getting the extra sales

Checking out at the cash wrap is a quick transaction, but it should not be overlooked as a way to make some extra sales.

Offer complementing products
You'll want to consider setting up the checkout counter as you would a display table. Place lots of small and practical items around the area, as these will be the last products consumers see before they leave your store. Try to think of complementary products for this display. For example, if you have a women's clothing store, keep chic accessories like headbands and barrettes near the cashier's station. This way, girls who are in your store to buy an outfit but also want an accessory can grab it last-minute.

Leave some sales for the cash wrap
Many customers love a deal, so think about offering your marked down items near the cashier. Be sure to set up some signs around the store, alerting consumers to the sale. Shoppers who think they're saving money may be more apt to pick up the extra product than they would be if it were full-price. Be sure to mention the sales at the front of the store as well, as that will encourage customers to check out the selection of items at the cash wrap.

Get your employees involved
It's also important to train your staff about the products. When someone working the register is checking out a customer, have them offer similar products that would go great with the consumer's other items. Making a contest out of it could also help boost employee involvement. If you have multiple cash registers, assign each attendant one product and a goal. Whoever is the first to sell that amount can win a prize of your choice, which could include an extra-long lunch, a free item or perhaps the ability to leave early.