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Getting prepped for the big pre-Christmas rush

Getting prepped for the big pre-Christmas rush

This weekend will mark the start of what could be a very lucrative period for stores that rely on holiday sales. With only a little more than a week until Christmas, those shoppers who have put off buying presents will now be rushing to the stores in search of gifts for their loved ones. Brick-and-mortar retailers have an advantage over online dealers, but they’ll need to work hard to make sure they can accommodate these latecomers. Here are some tips.

Revamp your store window
Many of the shoppers who will be heading out during the last few days before Christmas may have already done some of their buying early and realized they needed another gift or two after the fact. To court these shoppers, you’ll need to change up your holiday look to make your business look fresh. Create a new theme with your display tables or other items you place in the window. You can make a brand new motif using the same items if you’ve been pushing the same products all season, or you can switch it up and showcase some of your products that customers may not realize you carry.

Be ready to sell out
It’s not uncommon for retailers to sell out of stock during the final weeks before Christmas, but it can cause some headaches for shoppers. When you’re running low on a certain item, it may be best to put a sign out in front of your shop that lets customers know you’re about to sell out. Be prepared to sell items off your adult and child mannequins at a discounted price. When you’re finally out of your most popular gifts, restock your gondola shelves and display cases with items that are similar in one way or another to offer to shoppers who were too late.

Last-minute discounts
One way to bring customers in the door during these final, frantic holiday shopping days is by offering last-minute discounts. Be sure to use store signs and other marketing techniques to let your customers know that you can help them save money when checking off gifts on their Christmas lists. Be sure to run social media campaigns, as a quality discount may be enticing to some customers who have already finished their holiday buying and want to get a little something for themselves.