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Getting grooms’ attention as a retailer

Getting grooms’ attention as a retailer

When bridal season rolls around, it can be easy for retailers to focus on the women heading to the altar, as they’ll be the ones spending big bucks on gowns, jewelry and the like. However, it’s important to remember that a bride makes up only half of a couple, and the men who will soon be saying, “I do,” are just as important. If you want to increase revenue sales among grooms, here are some tips.

Getting in the game early
While many couples throw tradition to the wind, there are still plenty of men who make the first move toward the altar by asking their girlfriend to become their wife. This is a prime opportunity for jewelry retailers, and marketing specifically for guys gearing up to pop the question can increase revenue. One way to do this is to make sure your jewelry displays are in tip-top shape. You should also run marketing campaigns either online or in-store that let men know you are available to offer advice on what sort of engagement rings women will like. For many men, picking out an engagement ring is an intimidating experience, so having friendly, savvy staff on hand can help put them at ease. It’s also beneficial to allow men to return the ring if it doesn’t fit or if their new fiancé would prefer a different style.

How to market tuxedos
While bridal gowns come in a number of styles, tuxedos are much less varied. Still, there are subtle differences between cuts, tones and shapes of these garments, and you should strive to accentuate these when displaying them. For example, you could purchase a few mannequins for sale and use them to display the four or five tuxedoes that are the most unique in your store. The rest of your tuxedos can be placed on hangers or clothing racks in the store, though you’ll still want to showcase a few on extra figures you have.

Catering to modern grooms
In the past, it may have been true that women did most of the wedding planning, but in today’s day and age, many grooms are an active part of nuptials preparation. You can take advantage of this by stocking your gondola shelves and display tables with items that you think men would like to incorporate into their big day. These can be small items that would work well as party favors or big-ticket products like table centerpieces and lighting fixtures.