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Getting extra sales with sinamay pouches

Getting extra sales with sinamay pouches

If you sell small goods, it's important to come up with creative ways to display them. Whether you want your customers to keep these items for themselves or give to a friend, presentation is essential. You may want to consider using sinamay pouches as a way to not only add on to sales, but also put together the perfect gift.

Wedding favors
Sinamay pouches are a great way to hold small items, such as hand lotions, candles and jewelry. As wedding season is right around the corner, you'll want to think of ways to add these pouches to your sale. If bridesmaids or betrothed couples are coming into your store looking for favors, tell them about the sinamay bags and how they make for the perfect presentation. Offer to wrap each favor in a sinamay bag for an additional sale, as many brides-to-be will take you up on the offer so they can check something off of their to-do list.

Gift ideas
If you're helping your customers shop for a gift, consider informing them about the sinamay pouches and how they can make different pieces come together. Ask your customer what kind of gift they're shopping for, and put together a collection of small items that would fit perfectly in the sinamay bag. Your customers will appreciate the extra attention during their shopping excursion, and they'll feel at ease getting all of their gifting done in one swoop.

Makeup kits
If you run a cosmetics shop, help your consumer pick up everything she's looking for in terms of makeup. At the end of the sale, let her know about your sinamay bags and how they could make for a great makeup case.

Travel items
Have a lot of travel size items? Many people are frequently on the hunt for products they can easily fit in their carry-ons that meet TSA requirements. While this is a great way to take advantage of all the business coming in during the spring and summer vacation months, there is a way to get an even bigger sale. Show your customers the sinamay pouches and discuss how useful they are to travel with. Keeping all the miniature toiletries in one pouch is a great way to stay organized while on vacation.