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Getting customers to notice your leather goods

Getting customers to notice your leather goods

For apparel stores, accessories are very much a part of the ensemble. It’s really important that you showcase beautiful leather goods mixed in with your clothing, as these can not only generate higher sales, but larger purchases as well.

Showcasing leather on mannequins
Leather goods can be a great way to draw in extra income, so it’s important that you display them appropriately to make them really stand out. If you sell belts, consider purchasing some mannequins for sale and cinching a bunch of belts around the waist. If you want to showcase how the belts can be used in everyday ensembles, pair them with some of your best-selling items. This way, if people are interested in, say, the dress that’s on the mannequin, they may be more willing to pick up the belt as well to complete the ensemble.

Creating display tables
Display tables are another great way you can show off your leather items. If you sell small bags, wallets or belts, feel free to showcase them nicely. Try to keep them near the cash register, so people who are heading to make a purchase may think about adding something to their order at the last minute.

Show these items in everyday use. If you have wallets, perhaps leave a few open on the display tables and fill them with fake cash and credit cards. This can help buyers visualize the product, and they may be more inclined to pick it up.

Creating window displays
Your store window is frequently what brings people into your shop, so why not showcase some of your best leather goods? For belts and purses, purchase a few wire hangers and hang them from the ceiling using some clear twine. Adorn the hangers with your leather goods so passersby can get a good look.

You can also put some of your mannequins in your store window and style them the same as you did the figures in the store. To increase foot traffic, you need to show off your items. This can be done through some creative marketing. Near your belts, consider putting up a sign that says “Style in a Cinch,” to attract fashionistas into your shop.