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Getting creative with scarf displays

Getting creative with scarf displays

No matter what style of clothes your shop sells, scarves are an item that you will most likely sell at one point or another. You may carry heavier scarves in the winter months, but light, summery scarves also deserve flattering store displays.

There are a few great ways to display scarves to emphasize their value and style. Anyone who has dug around a basket of scarves at a thrift store can tell you this is not the most effective use of the customer's time, and will most likely leave them frustrated that they can't easily find what they are looking for.

Baskets or bins are still a fine idea to store scarves on display tables, but for variety and organization, use racks and hangers to display this merchandise so consumers can see the entire pattern of each scarf. Knotting scarves around a bar attached to the wall is a good way to display them, as is hanging them from a special hanger.

Customers often like to try scarves on before buying them, so make sure you have one scarf in each print or color easily accessible. It may also be a good idea to set up this display near a mirror.