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Get your store ready for the nation’s birthday

Get your store ready for the nation’s birthday

Feelings of patriotism are ripe and households around the country are preparing for their Fourth of July celebrations, but the party hosts aren’t the only ones who need to get ready. Shoppers all over are looking for holiday outfits worthy of the occasion with colors of red, white and blue at the center of the theme.

If you haven’t prepared your store displays already, now is most certainly the time. Summer is moving fast and everyone wants to be outside to enjoy it with the appropriate amount of national pride and style. Get your inventory ready for the day when customers will be clamoring for decor and accessories to mark the country’s birthday. People without patriotic colors will stick out like sore thumbs against the crowd of stars and stripes. Help customers dress for the Fourth by transforming your storefront into a national symbol so they will know you have what they need.

Set up some proud models
Your mannequins are the perfect display fixtures for the job of demonstrating your best red, white and blue outfit combinations. Put them at the front of your store decked out in patriotic pride to remind passersby of the craze they can expect to see at many of the Fourth of July events happening all over. Whether it’s evening fireworks or a backyard barbecue, people will be showing their solidarity through the national shades.

If you really want to show your excitement for the fourth, an arrangement of mannequins not dressed, but actually colored themselves in the country’s colors can do the trick. With the C3 Custom Color Collection, you can line up figures of red, white and blue in your windows with a flag draped behind them. Their color will more than match the theme, and then accentuate any of the clothing on them that might not be quite as defined as the more bright articles.

Add some little touches to cater to all shoppers
Your models can inspire shoppers who aren’t quite sure whether they want to honor the holiday with either a vibrant outfit or something simpler. Use your imagination when selecting pieces from your stock, but always keep the larger theme in mind. Some people will want to go above and beyond for the day while others might prefer a more subtle approach.

The Fourth of July is an excellent chance to showcase some of your accessories for people who just want a little patriotic flare instead of a whole outfit. Colored beads and other necklaces that represent the holiday should be clearly exhibited throughout the high-traffic areas of the store and especially at the registers as a last-minute reminder.

Acrylic necklace displays are a good way to prevent the fixture from impeding the colors that are so important to this celebration. The clear material allows the items to stand out boldly and catch customers’ eyes.

One of the trademarks of the Fourth of July is an Uncle Sam hat. If you’re selling these red-white and blue adornments this summer, you will need a way to properly showcase them so your customers will be able to see them easily while they explore your store. Millinery stands can present the tall hats effectively, and they are great for displaying any other headpieces you sell throughout the year. Some shoppers may like a more flamboyant style to show their support and you should accommodate this as best as you can.

You can even use a head form to make an Uncle Sam look-alike with the patriotic tall hat and signature beard.

There are countless ways for you to display your inventory for the holiday that will highlight the themes of the day. Color can be a powerful tool in catching the attention of shoppers, especially when they have particular tones in mind. Use your fixtures to play up what people are already looking for to commemorate the nation’s birthday in style.