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Get your springtime jewelry out there with nature

Get your springtime jewelry out there with nature

The jackets, hats and scarves are finally put away until next winter and people can start assembling their summertime outfits at last. The weather is just right for shoppers to start showing off their jewelry in the sunshine, and you need to make sure your store displays are ready to showcase what you got.

People will be out looking for the latest accessory of the season that can complement their summer style while they start enjoying the outdoors. There’s no better way to bring your inventory into the spotlight than by using the nature shoppers have been yearning to see. With the flora outside budding and blooming, you can harness customers’ excitement by incorporating some natural qualities and features into your store fixtures.

Using what nature has given you
Customers are sick and tired of looking at the insides of their homes after being cooped up all winter, so do the best you can to reflect the scenery outside in your shop. By transforming your store displays with nature accents, you dissuade some of the desire shoppers may feel to leave and enjoy the outdoors.

Instead of a large metal or plastic display case, opt instead for one made from either cherry or maple wood. These fixtures provide a natural feel for anyone leaning on them to see what’s inside. The glass case ensures all the jewelry inside is secure and the wooden shelves give a nice backdrop for any products stored against it.

The smaller exhibits located on top of counters or display tables don’t need to consist of thin metal displays or harsh colors to grab shoppers’ attention. A cork display set gives off a much more welcoming atmosphere and can entice people in for a better look where they’ll see your dazzling pieces against the cork’s innate texture.

Even the bronze tone of a cast iron bodice jewelry tree fits in with the tone of a natural theme as your accessories hang from its metal branches. You can scatter teak risers around the base of the tree to add another layer of woodland characteristics to the display while highlighting particular pieces you want to receive special attention.

Accentuating every piece of jewelry
You don’t have to use your displays to bring a little nature to your jewelry. Whether it’s for showcasing your products or giving shoppers the perfect wrapping to leave with, the way you package your stock can make a difference in the eyes of a customer.

Earring and necklace cards bring some soothing color to the glittering metals and stones of your jewelry. With prints of flowers, animals and even peacock feathers, you can find the perfect match for all of your products and help draw the gazes of customers.

If you want to arrange your selection in ready to go jewelry boxes, exotic leopard or zebra prints offer a stark alternative to the common local nature with images of far off beauty that parallel the accessories inside. A little way to go the extra mile with your shoppers is by giving out pouches to take their jewelry purchases home with. A variety of summer colors, animal prints and jute texture options allows shoppers to pick out whatever outdoor reminder they prefer.

Customers are eager to enjoy the weather and rebirth of life surrounding them. Playing off of those emotions, you can lead them right to the products they need this summer, no matter the occasion. With natural materials and reminders of nature in your store and packaging patrons can take with them, people will appreciate the efforts to make their shopping an outdoor experience.