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Get your hat displays ready for summer

Get your hat displays ready for summer

Summer is a time of hats. Not ones meant to keep your head warm, but accessories used to accentuate light outfits while moderating a person’s temperature from the heat. It’s important to get your store displays ready to showcase your shop’s hats before the spring showers fade away and make way for the summer sun.

No matter what style hats you have, find a way to get them out in the customer’s view so they can choose what piece would best suit them this season.

Show them what you got
The best way to showcase as many hats as possible is with the store fixtures that can hold the most. Hat racks can be displays on their own or serve as friendly reminders of your products in convenient locations, such as the checkout near the register.

Every type of hat can be presented in a way that will show off its best qualities. Sometimes an item needs its own display to do so and others can just be paired with a matching outfit. The stands they’re on can be incorporated into the theme of your store for a cohesion that emphasizes all of your products at once. Another option is to place hats on simple racks so as to not draw away from what makes each one of them so special.

Make your hats stand out in a crowd
One of the most visual ways you can make your hats stand out in a crowd is to put them on the heads in your store. Your mannequins don’t have to just exhibit your clothes – they can also bring your accessories to the forefront as well.

This is another easy way to mix and match your products in combinations shoppers might not think of. Customers already look to your mannequins when they walk in your doors, and with the right hat sitting atop their heads, shoppers’ eyes will be drawn to them.

Even by aiming any spotlights in your store at the heads of your models, you can help shoppers picture themselves in the summer sun, but within the shade of a new hat.

Get your summer displays ready, but don’t forget the important smaller pieces of what make every warm weather outfit comfortable for the people wearing them. Whether it is a prominent display or a more subtle suggestion, your hats can go everywhere your shoppers do this summer – if only you give them the opportunity.