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Get your employees excited about summer clearance sales

Get your employees excited about summer clearance sales

It's not hard to get your customers ramped up for summer sales. Shoppers know that this season is the time to find major markdowns, and they'll likely be scouring your social media pages waiting for the latest announcement about promotions. Unfortunately, it's a bit more challenging to get your employees excited, since for them, summer sales mean longer lines, more restocking of display tables and frenzied customers searching for the best deals around. Unless you want your consumers to be greeted by grumpy staff members, consider these techniques to help your workers get in the mood for summer sales:

Allow them to take part
If you want your employees to enjoy summer sales, then allow them to take advantage of the discounts as well. Many apparel employees are required to wear clothing from the store where they work when they're on the clock, so offering them a hefty discount on your summer sandals, skirts, t-shirts and shorts is a smart move. If you already provide a regular discount for your workers, simply increase the percentage they can take off when they make a purchase. One word of warning – be sure your employees only make purchases at the end of the work day, so they don't end up snatching items that you could have sold for full price.

Let them set up sales
It's not very exciting to read about summer sales if they're passed down from on high. Getting your staff involved in the creation of seasonal markdowns will be much more inspiring. For example, you can allow each employee to create one wall display containing items that they think should be marked down. This will not only give your shoppers unique items to choose from, but will also add to the personal flair of your store.

Commission and competition
One surefire way to get your workers excited about summer sales is to encourage a little friendly competition. Offer an extra vacation day, bonus or free item for any employee who is able to make the most sales during this season. Once you announce the competition, you'll be amazed at how your employees will engage customers and encourage them to make purchases – and you'll see the result in your daily sales figures as well.