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Get the word out about your summer clearance sale

Get the word out about your summer clearance sale

Are you hosting a summer clearance sale at your store? Such an event is a great way to move the last of your seasonal items off your display tables and clothing racks, but it will all be for naught if your shoppers aren't aware that you're hosting the promotion. Here are a few ways you can get the word out in advance:

Your webpage is a storefront
You probably know how effective your storefront is in spreading the word about promotions. Think of your store's website as an extension of your front window. When shoppers log on to the site, the first thing they see should be news about your current promotions, including you clearance sale. Consider putting up a "ticker" style banner that broadcasts details about what will be on sale – this will surely get some attention from your Web audience.

Out in the community
If your store isn't located near the shopping center of your town or city, then you'll need to get out into the community to spread the word. Creative, eye-catching posters can be a good way to let people know about your promotions. Consider using wholesale ribbon or tissue paper to spruce up the signs.

Smartphone advantages
If your website is mobile-friendly, you can offer special promotions to shoppers with smartphones. Let them know that anyone who shows up with a special code shown on your site or Twitter feed will get a certain percentage off. You can also give shoppers a discount if they encourage friends to sign up for your social media pages or email list. If you're worried most shoppers don't have a smartphone, then simply put a "password" on your website that they can say to the cashier upon checkout.