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Get started now on spring promotions

Get started now on spring promotions

After all the holidays, it’s easy to feel like your store has run nothing but promotions, but your customers are always going to want more. With a spring promotion, no one is expecting anything in particular.

This gives you a chance to act on whatever kind of ideas you’ve been holding on to or something that just didn’t fit in with contemporary holiday cheer. The best part of all is, there’s no short time limit on this one. You can run your promotion for as long as you want. Longer sales have an increased chance of spreading via word of mouth because the more people that see them, the more they’ll talk about it with others. So even if your promotion is a small one, stretch it out to increase its exposure.

Whatever you’re trying to get rid of, move it to the front of the store. Set up some new display tables, dress up a couple of mannequins and make it look like your elite inventory. Too often discounted items are exiled into the back corners of the shop on store racks where no one can see them. Many times those are the items shoppers are looking for. If you move them to the front of your shop, consumers will file in to look at your selection and be willing to spend on your more premium items to wrap up sales or complete outfits.

A simple promotion is incorporating some kind of coupon or gift card with larger purchases. True, you’re giving consumers free money, but, according to, a lot of the time the customer will end up spending more than just the free balance. This opens up the possibility to push out your smaller accessories so a shopper can use up the remaining amount. There’s also a chance that whoever receives the gift card or coupon will pass it on to someone else, bringing a new customer walking in through your door.

Linking up smaller sales with these ideas is a good way to steer the buyer into leaving with more than they expected. Maybe a sale too good to pass up, like buy two accessories and get a third free, would put them over the edge.

When a smart shopper sees a sale or promotion, there’s a chance it could snowball into other customers and purchases. All you have to do is get the ball rolling.