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Get ready for vacation season

Get ready for vacation season

In March, many college students will be packing up their bags and heading off for spring vacation. This is also the time of year that families plan exotic getaways to escape the cold weather, and summer vacations will come shortly after. If you sell goods that might be useful for people setting off on a relaxing journey, then consider creating a vacation theme for your store.

A relaxing getaway in the window
When designing your window display for this motif, you have several options. Home goods stores can create a scene depicting a family getting ready for a big trip. Position adult and child mannequins around open suitcases, and stack clothes and other vacation items haphazardly on display tables to make it look like the figures in the window are hastily packing their bags.

Others may opt to show a family already on their vacation. You can use wholesale ribbon and tissue paper in yellow and blue to create a seaside look and display a few mannequins on lounge chairs. Be sure to dress them in your hottest bathing suits, as many people getting ready for a trip will need swimwear.

Displaying your items
After you’ve squared away your window display, you’ll need to carry the theme into your store. Reorganize your wall displays and gondola shelves so vacation items like flip flops, water toys and the like are front and center. Next, add some decorations to get the vibe going. You can use your wares as decor – hang a few sun hats from your store fixtures, or place sunglasses on all of your mannequins.

You can get your store employees in on the fun as well. Tell them to come to work donning their best vacation gear – this can mean something as quirky as Hawaiian shirts, or simply some warm-weather apparel.

Don’t forget about tourists
While your store’s theme may be focused on those planning a getaway, don’t forget that there will be tourists coming to your area this time of year. You should have a few items that cater to them as well – think carefully about what products may serve as excellent souvenirs. These should be items that are both functional and unique – shoppers will want to purchase something they can show off to friends and family when they get back home.